A new version of 'Hope' is open to the public:

HOPE: illusion or truth?


The Solo exhibition 'HOPE: illusion or truth?' has been set up last Friday, May 25th, and it will stay open to the public until the end of June 2018. You can find it on the first and second floor at the building D (Infopunt) at VUB. 
The exhibition is aimed to discover and to reflect on the experience of living abroad, especially now that the policies on immigration are at stake all around the globe. I am very glad that VUB has opened its doors to give space to this exhibition as a way to invite its students to be sensible about the topic and to give them the opportunity to discuss it. Particularly, I would like to thank Niklaas Van den Abeele for the invitation to make the exhibition, his friendly disposition during all the process, and his commitment to the project.

Do you want to meet in a roundtable?

As I am currently working on other 2 exhibitions, I didn´t plan yet a proper activity at VUB. However, if there is a quorum, we can do something during the last week of June; for instance, a roundtable in which we can share our thoughts about immigration. It would be amazing to talk about the story behind this exhibition, how did I come to the idea, how did I make my way to travel with it, and which is my position about the topic. Also, if you want to present something about it, it will be very welcome too.
  • Why immigration?
  • Which is the story behind this itinerant exhibition? - which is the role of Arts?
  • What is happening around the globe?
If you are interested, please write me your proposal to the email: vero.aris@gmail.com
Your proposal for a roundtable


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