Cosmonauts of Inner space

Group Art Exhibition, Brussels

Invites you to the vernissage

tomorrow 14.06 at 18h

at Visser Gallery
(Boulevard Guillaume Van Haelen 132, 1190 Forest)
Verónica Arís Zlatar                                   
'The Simultaneity of phases', 2018           
Pastel on Canson paper, 60x90cm  
Verónica Arís Zlatar
'On Retention', 2018
Pastel on Canson paper, 60x90cm
For this exhibition, Arís presents her new project ‘As human as knowledge’.
Within it, Arís researches one of the deepest topics of the contemporary philosophy so-called Phenomenology, namely, the Internal time of consciousness: “In few words, we may say that it is the set of functions of consciousness that makes possible our elapsing experience. In other words, I experience the sequence of life thanks to the possibility of connecting the different moments, and I experience this sequence through a leading meaning. The question is ‘how this can be possible?”
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Cosmonauts of Inner Space

Group Art Exhibition, Brussels

Period of the exhibition: from 14th until the 24th of June 2018.
Place: Visser Gallery (Boulevard Guillaume Van Haelen 132, 1190 Forest).
Vernissage: the 14th at 18h.
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