Here we are working hard to finish all the preparations for the group show of drawing 'DON'T STOP BABY!' version June 2018 at Elzenhof (Kroonlaan 12, 1050).
Confirm your presence at the vernissage on the 7th of June 2018 at 19h on the Facebook event (link below).
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Sacred Geometry

Lines can play in different dimensions at the same time. The tension between those dimensions (2D and 3D for instance) depicts the synchronicity of them.


The notions of perspective help in understanding all kind of places and volumes, even the human head. 


The values bring a sensual understanding of the space through the texture and the temperature of the objects thanks to the light.

Human Figure

My adored and admired professor of drawing Juan Mayor told me once: 'Draw as if you would know Anatomy better than physicians'. The skin is not just skin, it must insinuate the behind and all potential movements of the body, even though we don´t need to know in detail all that is behind. 


Learning how to map helps us in identifying how to make strategic distinctions of shapes and shades. 

Portrait interpretation

A further level of work is to find the expression that will bring the accurate manifestation of the meaning of our artwork. Drawing is not only about shapes, but rather a language that brings meaning through shapes. 

Welcome to the wonderland of drawing.

The exhibition will stay open until the end of June.


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