I am glad to say that: It is time to start the adventure of thinking!!! 

In January 2018, I will offer a philosophical workshop on how to apply Phenomenology by taking into account three specific experiences: Drawing still life, Height Vertigo, and Drawing Portraits at CLC in Santiago, Chile.  

The first session will be focused on an Introduction to Husserl's Phenomenology. The second, third and fourth sessions will start with a presentation of some relevant issues pertaining to one of the experiences in question, then we will continue pointing out the tools we can use from Husserl's Phenomenology, and finally, we will discuss how to make a step forward in order to describe the experience by tracing possibilities and problems.

The seminar will be on Wednesdays, specifically the 10.01, 17.01, 24.01 and 30.01.

19h-21h (if the discussion is too good, we will finish a bit later).

Estar Fundadores (close to the library of CLC)
CLC is at Estoril 450, Las Condes, Santiago.

Texts and materials?
Now I am preparing some texts (for the moment in Spanish) that will be available from the 02.01 at the Library of CLC. Write to Luz Navarrete to get them if you are already enrolled in the Seminar. Her email is

The first requirement is some basic knowledge of Phenomenology. Certainly, the study on Husserl's Phenomenology is difficult by itself. If on top of it we want to move forward making our own steps, it will be harder. Therefore, it is necessary to have already some notions about Phenomenology. For those who have no knowledge about it yet, I might say that I will provide an introductory lesson in the first session. However, this won´t be enough. If you can make your way with a previous research it will be better. Anyway, if in doing so you misunderstand something, don't worry, we can discuss it personally during the session.
The second requirement is the attitude. As this seminar has the goal of moving forward from Husserl's Phenomenology, it will be necessary to come with a very open mind, fresh and creative, let's say, and with a scientific spirit in order to analyze the mentioned experiences without prejudices. 

If you need more information write me to 

Signing up?
If you want to reserve your place, write to Luz Navarrete to the email Hope to see you there!

Reserve your place

(*) BTW, if you are in Brussels and you want to learn how to draw or you want to learn how to apply Phenomenology while you draw, here it is the link to the upcoming drawing workshops at Elzenhof (Click on the yellow box).

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