Yesterday, Wednesday 13th of September, I have participated in an event for Etam organized by Pop in the city. The event was at the gallery of the amazing bookshop Brüsel in the city center of Brussels. For this event, I have created the character 'Brigitte Contreras'. She is a girl that loves to find out the hidden causes of everything. Inspired by the origin of nature, cosmos, and society, she constantly ends up with the ultimate questions of Philosophy: Who are we? Where are we going? Suddenly, she realizes that there is an aspect of life that she was missing. Her own social and affective life. This way, with the same freedom in thinking as in sciences, she decided to go back to her own social life in order to conquer a man.

At the event, I have presented what should be called the second chapter of Brigitte Contreras' adventures. It is about the question: What kind of strategy is effective to conquer a man? Her freedom in thinking let her consider every possibility. She has no prior guilty in thinking whatsoever, neither shame. She lets her mind fly to the possible worlds in which she considers she may succeed. 

The original chapter has been designed in a naive way, with a very simple sense of humor. However, the different teams of Etam that were playing the team building day have proposed me other alternatives to finish the story by addressing the concept: The French Liberté. Here you find some results of those brainstormings.

It looks like Brigitte is getting her own life now... Maybe I should create a special blog for her with her different adventures. I will let you know if that happens.

Thank you 'Pop in the city' for this funny activity, and thanks to all the people of Etam for being that playful. Cheers!



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