Opening at Europski dom, Zagreb

On Friday 19th of May, we have opened the exhibition 'Lica Nade: migranske priče', which means 'The faces of hope: stories of immigration' at the House of Europe (Europski dom) in Zagreb. I want to thank especially to Tuga Tarle for inviting me to be part of the cultural program regarding the fruitful historical relation between Chile and Croatia, to Renata Bačić for her permission to exhibit my work in this recognized building, and to the current Chilean Consulate Maximiliano Jara who immediately has given us a hand having just arrived at his position in Zagreb. The exhibition will stay open to the public until Saturday 3rd of June. If you want to know more about the concept of the exhibition, click on the link 2017: "Faces of Hope: stories of immigration". In the following, I share with you the pictures of that beautiful evening.


First 12 shots by SELKNAM
Last shot by David Rey


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