Three exhibitions in the same month. Can you believe it? Yes. Definitely: Crazy June! Below you may find all the info: name of the exhibition, kind of work, dates, and addresses. See you there!

Exhibition 01

'HOPE: Illusion or truth?'
Solo show
Charcoal drawings
From May 28th until June 29th.
No vernissage, but we can meet and celebrate.
At the Infopunt of VUB.
Building D.

What is new in this version of HOPE? 
I will show 11 drawings, 3 of them for the first time in Brussels. They were part only of the exhibition in Zagreb, May 2017.

Exhibition 02

Collective show of drawing
Graphite, pen, and charcoal on paper
From the 7th until 30th of June.
Vernissage on the 7th at 19h
At Elzenhof (Kroonlaan 12, 1050)

What is new? 
First, the artwork of some of my students (I am a proud teacher). Second, some psychedelic drawings that you will love. Third, some charcoal ones.

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Exhibition 03

Collective show curated by Maria Ilia Katsaridou
My project's name: 'As human as knowledge'
Pastels on paper
From the 14th until 30th of June.
Vernissage on the 14th at 18h
At Visser Gallery
(Boulevard Guillaume Van Haelen 132, 1190 Forest)

What is new?
I will show for the first time my project 2018 'As human as knowledge'. To fit in the project of 'Cosmonauts of inner space,' I have chosen as a topic: The internal time of consciousness. However, my approach. So, you will find my sui generis formalizations in a playful manner. Also, as a big thing, it is the first time I am working with pastels. So, the big news is that I will present my way to work with colors. :D  

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